Thursday, November 10, 2011

Martinmas Songs 2011

Tomorrow (November 11) is Martinmas, the feast of St. Martin, the Roman soldier who gave half of his cloak to a beggar. St. Martin was a Roman soldier, so it's a fitting coincidence that his feast day falls on Veteran's Day. I gathered together my resources from previous years in a Natural Kids Team post, which I am linking here only so that if you've spontaneously decided to have a lantern walk, you don't have to hunt long for songs. The hot cider, pumpkin bread, and bonfire is up to you!

The House of Glee is not attending a lantern walk this year (though I am grateful to the person who invited my family to attend her school's gathering tonight). If Lucia was still in attendance at her old Waldorf school, we would rally, but both Bede and Lucia are struggling to recover from coughs and colds. 

I plan at least to light the candelabra in our fireplace. In lieu of roasted goose (legend had it that St. Martin hid in a barn to avoid being appointed a bishop, but the hollering of the geese revealed his makeshift refuge), we'll have curry. There are three chocolate pumpkin bread muffins left, too.

And they are good.


tanita davis said...

Definitely stay home and be well - you can make paper lanterns and walk around and sing in your own house.

Library Diva said...

I like your dolls!

Lone Star Ma said...

I hope yours feel better!