Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Fairy redux

I have a new post up at the NaturalKids Team blog: Too much candy? The Halloween Fairy wants it.This year, my daughter said that she was giving all of her candy to the Halloween Fairy because she wanted a really good present. I'm relieved to hear it. Last year, November 1 was a mess. Bede and I don't know how many factors were actually involved, but the combination of excitement the night before, plus party treats, plus candy with blue food coloring may have contributed to the meltdown at school the following day. This year, her class is having a Halloween party during the last hour of the school day, starring store-bought cupcakes, fruit juice packets, and a nod to health with a fruit platter, (i.e. sugar, sugar, and sugar). Then, the hopped-up 2nd graders are unleashed!

The House of Glee acknowledges its addiction to sugar. We usually deal with it in small increments and have occasional treats. At this point, the sugar addiction is a self-correcting mechanism because when we have more than our systems can take (and it doesn't take much), we have everything from temper-tantrum meltdowns to the equivalents of hangovers that affects our attention spans, moods, and creative outputs. The Halloween Fairy is a pleasant counterpoint to the sugar onslaught.


tanita davis said...

What a fun idea!
Man, giving up ALL of one's candy would indeed return an amazing gift. I'd want some kind of costume with rhinestones.

I LOVE that Lucia is a Magic Keeper. That's ... amazing. A gift you've given her. I never felt like a magic keeper, just a kid whose parents couldn't be bothered with "traditions," in pursuit of truth. I don't think I'd tell a kid that someone else brought their gifts, but I love that you've come up with a creative compromise that lets Luc feel a part of adulthood.

Lone Star Ma said...

Better be a good present(:

abcgirl said...

excellent idea. i have not yet had to struggle to pull candy out of my kid's hands (he doesn't REALLY get what it is yet), but I will keep this in mind for next year. It's brilliant.

Another tip I heard tonight was to save up all that candy (say, from the Halloween Fairy) and use it to decorate Gingerbread Houses in December. Maybe not Snickers bars, but other pieces would make great decorations and then you don't have to eat them, but you can still enjoy them (and you don't have to spend more money on candy).