Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Folk and Fairy Tale sets/ Life Update

A post I wrote for the NaturalKids Team blog, which you may find here, highlights some folk and fairy tale-themed creations my fellow artisans have in their shops. There should be more next month, as the team is working on a "fairy tale challenge" right now. I'm kicking around the idea of making the sun, the moon, and the stars in personified form as part of a Seven Ravens set. I suspect many of our offerings will come from retellings by Grimm and Perrault, and I would like to break from choosing Western European stories without being a culture vulture.


Speaking of fairy tale stories, summer is almost over, I have performances coming up next week, and I need to polish my new stories. I've enjoyed being at home out in the world with my daughter this summer. We can actually do things together now. My aunt jokes that Lucia was in "boot camp," because Lucia walked 4-5 miles and read two books every week day during the summer.

I'm training Lucia to do stair-climbing for The Big Climb next March, and yesterday, she stair-climbed 293 steps four times. That's 1, 172 steps. Meanwhile, I'm training to run my first 5k this autumn for Run Scared, while Lucia and her daddy walk the 4k portion (almost 2.5 miles).

Out in the world, I try to be low-key about my daughter's progression, but here on this blog, let me be braggy for a moment:


(Pretend there's a scrolling marquee tag for that.)


tanita davis said...

Behold: (left pointing bracket) font color="#FFFFFF" (right pointing bracket) (left pointing bracket>marquee bgcolor="#000080" direction="right" loop="40" width="50%" (right pointing bracket) Go, Lucia, Go! (left pointing bracket)/marquee(right pointing bracket)(left pointing bracket)/font(right pointing bracket)

(I didn't color adjust, but this is how to do it for next time. And may I just say how ridiculously hard it was to type all of that without using the bleepin' brackets, which blogger doesn't allow.)

I wish I'd been in your boot camp! I feel like I'm behind on everything and haven't done much walking - but right now, I'm sort of overwhelmed, so it wouldn't be relaxing and good, like I hope it was for the two of you!

adrienne said...

Seriously, go ALL of you exercising together.

Lucas has just joined his school's cross-country team, which is making me think maybe I should take up a little running. (Also, every time I watch a scary movie, I think I should maybe take up running.) Stair-climbing might be more fun and realistic for me, though. Running makes me hurt, but I like climbing stairs.

Lone Star Ma said...


Saints and Spinners said...

Tanita: Thank you for the hypertext. I'll play with it to see if it works in Blogger. Then again, maybe I should just think about switching to Wordpress like many other folks. I know that once you're settled into your new place, you will get your walking in. You'll have sheep to keep you company. (Oh, how I love sheep.)

Adrienne: You make me laugh. Though if running hurts, that's no laughing matter. Stair-climbing is great, because it combines strength training and cardio in a low-impact package.

LSM: Thanks! I hope the new school year is treating you with kindness.

adrienne said...

Where do you go to find staircases to practice on? I was mulling that over yesterday, where I might go. I have stairs in my house, which I do run up and down in the winter sometimes if I have to get some energy out, but they're half-flights, hardly the thing for training.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Have I sent you the link for Tina's blog? She uses wordpress, and it is beautiful.

Saints and Spinners said...

Adrienne, here is a website called Public Stairs: http://www.publicstairs.com/

It's a work in progress (i.e. they rely on contributors to "discover" new stairwells), and unfortunately, I don't see any for your city. I've done more with less, though, at times when my staircase was not an option.

Melangell: I've not seen Tina's blog. Please send on the link!

adrienne said...

Thank you, Farida. I'll have to do some exploring. I know of at least one parking garage with a staircase worth climbing, but that is an uninspiring spot, certainly. Still.