Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tribute to Bridget Zinn

Upstart Crow Literary posted a tribute to Bridget Zinn, who died from cancer yesterday morning. Bridget Zinn was a Teen/YA librarian, blogger, and author, with her first novel, Poison, due to be published next summer by Disney/Hyperion.

I'd met Bridget at the second Kidlitosphere conference in Portland, Oregon. We found we had a mutual friend: a college friend of mine was her library school friend in Madison, Wisconsin. When friends started an auction to help pay for medical expenses, I donated a sunflower root child doll. I didn't know her beyond the Kidlitosphere conference and online connections, but I was glad to know that she had a wide circle of family and friends.

My wish for all of you is that you should have that kind of compassionate support that Bridget had, regardless of what you endure. I wish for you courage, strength, and grace.


Beth Kephart said...

Thank you for pointing me in this direction. It is absolutely heartbreaking. What a beautiful young woman she was.

abcgirl said...

thanks for sharing this link. I've been following b's blog ever since I discovered it, but of course, this news wasn't written there. i'm a little bit in shock. i can't quite imagine she's really gone.