Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crafty Thursday: Autumn Themed Dolls

For this week's Crafty Thursday post, I am pleased to present four autumn-themed dolls photographed with autumn trees by The Enchanted Cupboard and wooden flames by Mamakopp:

The four dolls in the photo are a Lantern Walker for Martinmas(shop link will added after the doll is listed), Salamander King fire elemental, Night Queen, and Guitar Player. Here are pictures of the backs of the capes for the Night Queen and Salamander King:

Night Queen's bat

Salamander King's creatures

As I wrote in my shop listing, the legend of the fire-resistant salamander may be inspired by the species that hibernate on logs. When people threw logs on a fire, the salamanders woke up and fled the flames.


tanita davis said...

I've read a lot of fantasy where people either had salamanders or saw them in the fire, winking at them. I love that bat, too.

Lone Star Ma said...

Love them!

Jules at 7-Imp said...


adrienne said...


Those photos are excellent, as are the dolls.