Sunday, May 16, 2010

She Wanted Pink

When I was little, blue was my favorite color. Later, I became smitten with green. I actually appreciate most colors, but for a long time, I recoiled from pink. Pink was not cool! Pink was for girls! Wait a minute... pink was for girls, therefore I hated it? How did that make sense? And who made up the notion that pink was for girls, anyway? Theories abound, but for me personally, once I realized that I was perpetuating a preposterous notion, I decided to give pink equal consideration.

For a birthday present, a friend of my daughter received this utterly pink doll:

By the way, I realized I never shared with you the little doll I made for myself, based upon the embroidered overalls I had when I was five. Here is a link to the four photos: Weeping Willow Maiden.


Lone Star Ma said...

I still suffer from a bit of pink recoil due to the cultural ubiquity of it in all girls' things, but I strive not to be unreasonable about it. I love the weeping willow doll!

The Sitting Tree said...

I agree with Star Ma about the pink. I refused to wear anything pink until I was 25! The weeping willow doll is lovely. Your detail work it beautiful.

Saints and Spinners said...

Lone Star Ma and The Sitting Tree: Thanks! I wish I had a nice closeup of the original overalls, too. By the way, somewhere in the past while someone decided that purple was a girl's color, too. Some years ago, I gave a purple striped shirt to a boy (my daughter had outgrown the shirt), and according to the reports, the dad flipped out. I thought this was an anomaly, but no. Too bad.

Colleen said...

I had the same pink aversion and I really don't know why. My niece however (now 4) was born screaming for pink! It is hilarious how much she loves that color. I love your dolls - they are the cutest.

tanita davis said...

I still have pink recoil, too, (she says, wearing a pink cardigan over a deep pink tank top). I am trying to get over it by buying it - apparently it's one of "my" colors, but there's still this sense of feeling girly when I wear it!

It's a gorgeous dolly.

GraceAnne LadyHawk said...

I adore pink. I did as a child, then, as a feminist felt that I could not wear it. It was very sad.
But now I am an old lady feminist, and I have embraced pink with a vengeance. Even my laptop and iPod are pink, and my cell phone used to be.

Saints and Spinners said...

Colleen: Thank you! It is interesting how one color can produce such strong opinions one way or the other.

Tanita: It's mine, too. It was after listening to Sarah Vowell's essay called "American Goth" where she inadvertently discovers the pinkness of goth that I bought a bright pregnancy top with the intent of wearing it sarcastically. To my surprise, I actually liked it.

GraceAnne: Did you ever read this article about the BoGo light?
The flashlights were originally orange, but men in the villages kept stealing them from the women. The flashlights now come in pink, which the men tend to leave alone. Pink can be a good "touch me not" color depending upon the circumstances.

Saints and Spinners said...

P.S. I bought the pregnancy top when I was pregnant. :)