Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A brief note

I'm still here! I'm working on a guest blog post about Waldorf inspired storytelling for The Magic Onions, which should be posted on Thursday. Yesterday was a full day of testing to see what services my daughter qualifies for next year through the public school system. We still don't know where she will attend school next year, and the whole process of "advocating" (I have begun to despise that word) takes a lot of energy. There are referrals, tests, meetings, and all the while we just want to enjoy our daughter. We want her to live and grow without her feeling as if we're trying to fix her.

I'm glad the auction is finally done. Any future auction projects will be gift-baskets if I have anything to say about the matter! I hope everyone involved gets some rest, now.


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Good luck with all the decision-making. It will all come together.