Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crafty Thursday: Heralds of Spring

I just realized that it's Crafty Thursday! For the most part, I've been working on small dolls for the class auction project, but I recently completed two larger dolls for a custom order, and was able to list some dolls in the shop as part of my Heralds of Spring 2010 Collection. The Spring equinox doesn't officially begin until March 20, but I am ready to be done with winter. Bulb flowers are peeping through the soil, the forsythia has bumps on its branches, and the flowering white currant bush has survived another year. (Unfortunately, the flowering red currant bush died in the heat wave last summer despite my hope that it had simply fainted.) I am bringing forth my spring collection in anticipation of the end of chills.

The Pussy Willow and Forsythia dolls have already sold, but as of today, the Daffodil is still in the shop, pictured with a thimble for size comparison:

Daffodil Doll With Basket

If you go to the listing, you'll see that the daffodil comes out of its ball of felt "dirt."

Here is the Forsythia Doll with Blossom Child:

And here is the Pussy Willow:

What are your favorite early spring flowers?


Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

The dolls are so, so lovely; I hope they are indeed harbingers of an early spring! My favorite early spring flower is the forsythia, if only because we have an enormous bush of it underneath which I photograph the children every year. It's an ungainly old thing, and it's beginning to look like The Bush That Ate the House, but I can't imagine spring without it.

MotherReader said...

Are these dolls getting more adorable? I love them all, but it's particularly cute that the daffodil flower comes out of the basket.

vanessa said...

I love the daffodil one, too. Our daffodils' leaf tips have just burst through the ground and have gotten my hopes up that maybe the cold weather has passed! Probably not, but a girl can hope!

Kathleen said...

Pussy Willows are wonderful, but for me, nothing says spring like the first purple crocuses that grow in the woods around Fort Smith. I've never seen them anywhere else.

Lone Star Ma said...

I love the pussy willow doll. I used to have a cat named Pussywillow. I have no bulbs that are planted and come up. Many flowers bloom year-round here, but I guess the crepe myrtles start blooming in the spring.

rox said...

what cutsies ! I love the joy in the little doll with the daffodil .

GraceAnne LadyHawk said...

I love love love Hellebore. I love what a strong flower it is, its rich purple fading slowly to pale green. It is also called Lenten Rose.

Saints and Spinners said...

Anamaria: I too am fond of forsythia. I planted a small bush (we'll see how large it gets!) after I read somewhere that you know when it's time to plant seeds when you see your neighbor's forsythia blooming. Of course, last year I saw forsythia out well before the last frost. What a bold plant!

MotherReader: I am doing my best to make people smitten. Thank you for enjoying the dolls.

Vanessa: I see some peeping up, too, and share your hopes. I know cold weather is good for the ground, but I am always glad when spring weather comes.

Kathleen: I wonder what kind they are. We have purple crocuses here, but they're probably a different kind. (By the way, did you know that saffron crocuses are an autumn variety?)

LoneStarMa: Thank you! I think you would appreciate the pussy willow song my daughter learned at school. I've never seen crepe myrtle growing, but the photos I came up with look gorgeous.

Rox: Thank you! I am so glad that came across.

GraceAnne: I never noticed Hellebore until I started making these little dolls, and now I love it. I've got a part-shade garden started in the back that has hellebore. One died in the heat, but the rest have survived and are blooming right now.

This has only slightly to do with the conversation at hand... I have ordered new shoes. One pair is a replacement pair of sandals that has me breaking out of my comfort zone of black into the realm of light beige (shocking, I know), and the other is a pair of allegedly comfortable Mary Jane heels that I've admired elsewhere. I know. Heels. Sometimes, even in Seattle, I want to look dressy.

Sharon Mayhew said...

They are all adorable! You are so creative! :)

The Library Lady said...

Oh, do I love that Daffodil doll. Right now I have pots of paper white narcissus on the windowsill s at work.

I don't think we had them near us, but remember a song we sung in elementary school: "When the first warm breezes blow, comes a little friend we know. Pussywillow! Pussywillow!"

I love forsythia--there is a large bush of it next to the steps on the path from our house, and you often see it along the highways here. And I am partial to crocuses--as a teen in NYC I sometimes bought pots of forced crocus bulbs from a florist. Nowadays, I wait for them to pop up where I've planted them myself--outside our house and in my flower beds near the library.

Hannah said...

I love these so much it almost makes me feel teary, for some strange reason. Pardon the maudlin commenting. They're just darling, and I hope you don' mind my asking whether you or your collecting customers have any clever ways of displaying or keeping them? I'd hate to order one for my daughters and have it end up in a giant Stuff Pile -- you know how it's the little things that end up not always having a home?

My favorite spring flower was/is the crocus. I grew up in Massachusetts, where that was always the first brave soul to poke through the thawing ground.

Saints and Spinners said...

Sharon: Thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by.

Library Lady: I don't know that song! What is your minimum bribe for singing it for your blog readers? :) Our crocuses and snowdrops are beginning to pop up here, and that's exciting. I'm glad you have narcissus on your windowsill. As flower shapes go, they are stunning.

Hannah: You are kind, and I understand what you mean. I get that way when I come across other people's dolls, too. As far as collecting/displaying, I know one grownup who has a nature-table on her desk, and other households that have some dedicated corner to the changing of the seasons where they display their dolls. Some displays are quite elaborate and breathtaking. Our nature table display consists of two shelves on our hutch. I keep dolls and figures that are not in season in labeled boxes inside the hutch. Check out the wide array of displays here (but don't get intimidated!):

Z-Kids said...

Wow, these are wonderful!!!

Jules at 7-Imp said...


I say bring on the first daffodils of spring.

adrienne said...

Oh, I do especially love the Pussy Willow doll!

We are far from any signs of spring here. I have piles and piles of daffodils in my yard in the spring, and they are one of my true favorites, but the crocus is what I usually see blooming first--so it's a favorite partly because it's such a relief when I see it (typically surrounded by a pile of melting snow, poor things).

Miss Pippi said...

How cute! Thank you for sharing! My favorite spring flower is the tulip.