Sunday, December 06, 2009


In school last Wednesday, one of Lucia's friends was steering a "truck" full of things and stopped when he saw Lucia in his way. The friend said, "Beep, beep!" Lucia didn't move. "Beep, beep!" he said again. She still didn't move.

The friend said, "Excuse me!"

Lucia reached over and gently began to smooth down her friend's hair. Lucia's teacher asked, "Lucia, did you hear him say 'Excuse me?'"

Lucia replied, "Oh. I thought he said, 'Soothe me.'"


Lone Star Ma said...

That's very sweet!

Melangell said...

I have told this story at school several times to great hilarity as well as sweet shakings of the head.

adrienne said...

That is a great story.