Thursday, October 01, 2009

Honey and Rainbow Elementals

Happy October! In a few days, Fire, the companion novel to Graceling by Kristin Cashore will finally be released. That's reason enough to celebrate.

I'm also grateful for my regular bookstore gigs. As far as birthday parties go, the year 2009 has been sparse for me. I don't know how other local performers have fared, but in terms of library performances, I've noticed that the majority of entertainers have CDs or books that can (in theory) be borrowed from the library.

You can't borrow my little dolls from the library, but I hope you admire them anyway. Here are two sets that I've placed in the shop recently:

Honey Elemental inspired by LoneStarMa

Rainbow Mother with Cloud Child

On the Alkelda: Dolls for Storytelling Facebook group I've posted some photos of the first Nativity set I'm working on. You don't have to be a "fan" or even a member of Facebook in order to see the photos.

My daughter is home from school for the third day in a row. She has one of those pesky low fevers that bars her from going to school but isn't enough to tire her out enough for her to take a nap. I decided that since I wasn't going to achieve much in the way of sewing or storytelling prep, I would do some deep cleaning and organizing of the kitchen. When I was done, I asked her to take a look at the results of several hours' work. She peered at the shelves and said, "It's not very interesting."

That statement sums up centuries, yea, millenia, of public opinion on housework.


Lone Star Ma said...

Yup. Hope she feels better.

Beautiful dolls.

Saints and Spinners said...

Thanks! Sorry I've been so quiet. I got waylaid by Lucia's cold.

adrienne said...

Not very interesting--HA! That Lucia!