Monday, September 14, 2009

Philadelphia libraries

If the Pennsylvania state legislature doesn't approve a new sales tax, all Philadelphia libraries will close. Below the Library Journal article is a list of "most popular pages" including this one:

How To Become a Librarian



Vivian said...

This is horrible. I can't imagine life without a library.

Lone Star Ma said...

Good God.

The LIbrary Lady said...

Here in my own, much smaller city, we lost our cleaning service, our security guards and went on a hiring freeze last fiscal year.

Now we are probably going to be going on shorter library opening hours which is actually a GOOD thing--we are open until 9PM most nights and after 7 PM the only thing used is generally the Internet.

Plus here, in a branch where we are supposed to have 23 staff we have 16, with one on maternity leave and one about to quit. It's been staffing hell.

But closing entirely--very scary.

mrsbeccijo said...

That has happen her too, but then they decided to leave one open. To go to the county libraries or the next town over they want to charge us $75.00 membership fee!
Very Sad