Thursday, August 20, 2009

Math, Music, and Marie-in-the-Garden

Here at last are the dolls I've been working on. The Royal Math Gnomes have been a project long in the making (and briefly halted when I wasn't able to sew), but are now finally listed in the shop. The hypertext links below the photos will take you directly to the shop listing:

Royal Math Gnomes

I'm thinking of the Royal Math Gnomes as a showcase project. As promised, I've made a singular Accounting Wizard Math Gnome:

Accounting Wizard Math Gnome

I had a lot of fun creating the Music Elemental. The hood is embroidered with fermata symbols, and the cape has both a segno and a coda. The bottom of the cape has notes that portray a simple waltz. I made a guitar for the elemental, and then realized that the guitar needed a stand. I reined myself in from sewing an electronic sound system:

Music Elemental

Last but not least, here is Marie in the Garden. This past summer, a Waldorf teacher saw one of my dolls and said, "She reminds me of the song and game 'Marie in the Garden'." She sang:

Marie in the garden, the garden, Marie,
She is as tiny as she can be.
Marie in the garden, the garden, Marie,
Open your eyes, now where is she?

In the game, the children hide their eyes while the teacher tucks Marie away in a pocket. When they open their eyes, they have to guess where the doll is hidden.

Marie in the Garden

I'm quite pleased to be a brand new member of the Etsy street team called Natural Kids! It's an active promotional team with certain rules for qualification, one of which is that a person has to have been an active seller for 3 months prior to application. I'm glad to be finally on board.

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