Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fairy Hut and Double Rainbow

I didn't take many photos of Santa Fe this time around. However, I did document my first clay fairy house:

Only my 2 inch child-sized dolls fit in the house

The roof comes off

On the way home from a potluck, we saw a double-rainbow break forth from the clouds. Photographing rainbows is rarely satisfying, but I couldn't help trying nonetheless:

Can you see the second rainbow? It's outside of the main rainbow.


Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

I have the same impulse with a rainbow. And I love the little house, the way the roof lifts off--it mist have been nice to work in a different medium for a change, too. Glad you're home safe!

Beth Kephart said...

You caught it! The rainbow and the allure of your creations, both.

I love Santa Fe. Was there but once, years ago.

Lone Star Ma said...

I can see the rainbow - double rainbows are the best. Love the faerie house!

GraceAnne LadyHawk said...

A beautiful photograph, and I have downloaded it for my screensaver photos. Thank you.

I was in Santa Fe in 1973 and 1993, and it remains one of my favorite places, ever.

Saints and Spinners said...

Thank you all. Would you believe it's cold and drizzly here in Seattle? We get one or two weeks of hot weather, and that's about it. I'm planning to garden this morning. The weeds have taken over, and the plants I've planted are going wild, too.

Re: Fairy house, it was fun to work with a different medium. Clay Day refers to the one day a year in which we'd get to make something out of clay in art class. It was exciting to have our works fired in the kiln. We'd paint our pieces and then the art teacher would glaze them.

In second grade, I was so pleased to find a section of land near our house was clay-based. I dug up some clay, made a volcano, and then announced to my family that I was ready for it to go into the kiln.


adrienne said...

It's such magic to see a double rainbow. Even a single one, really. They're one of those things that always makes me stop and stare.

Thanks for the photos of the fairy house, too. My favorite detail is the flower on the roof.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Beautiful. And good job catching it on film.

Fairy house!

mamaroots said...

love the clay house! glad to hear of your lovely travels to Santa Fe! My auntie lived close to there for years! I could not resist your Morning Star set this morning- the name holds a special place in my heart for a community where I retreat called MorningStar Community lead by an amazing storyteller and woman- MorningStar! Thanks for making such wonderful dolls for storytelling!

Charlotte said...

Fun clay houses! These days we are making chambers of the oracles deep in the dirt with Enigmatic Dolmans around them.