Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crafty Thursday: Featuring Ginkgo and Meadow Fairy

My new, two-sided mini-business cards came today! I'm encouraging people to use them as bookmarks:

Today, I listed two new dolls in the shop. The first one is an autumn-themed ginkgo root child:

Up until now, my autumn dolls have been pretty sparse, probably because I started making nature-themed dolls in late October. I've been a fan of ginkgo leaves (though not the stink of the seeds!) ever since Lucia found at the library Fall Leaves Fall by by Zoe Hall and Sheri Halpern. It was the first book she ever chose for herself. Lucia's obsession with ginkgo leaves has abated a bit since two years ago. We both still appreciate the leaf shapes, and I love it that the tree is considered to be a living fossil.

The second doll I listed is a meadow fairy, the first small doll for the shop that has 1. wings 2. arms. This doll wasn't planned, but I had the basic form cut out of scrap felt, and I wanted to see what would happen. This is what happened:

Sales have been going well this week. I'm pleased to report that the sales I've made this month have paid for all of my materials. Thank you so much! After a friend commissioned a white rose, I went on a rose kick, and made 5 more, including a "goth Waldorf" black rose. Guess what kind of rose I'm going to make next! (Hint: Elaine Magliaro is one of seven.)

On my Etsy admiration wishlist this week are three necklaces: TARDIS (in space, as opposed to flight ready or full power, which are also neat), silver pomegranate and kite depictions. The funny thing is that even though I admire jewelry, I don't wear much of it these days besides my wedding rings and a super-light watch that was inexpensive and on sale. I try to remember to wear earrings for gigs, but it's a far cry from the days in high school when my mother would remark, "You know, you only have one neck."

I've finished the Blueberry Child who is a companion for the Strawberry Child I mentioned last week. I haven't listed either of them yet, as I want to hold on to them for a little while longer before they go out into the world.


Lone Star Ma said...

Lovely! And love the bookmarks!

Vivian said...

OMG! Your business cards/bookmarks are stunning! I'm so glad you're doing well with Etsy. Your dolls are beautiful.

jama said...

The new dolls and the business cards are so lovely!! *waiting anxiously for strawberry and blueberry dolls* :)

Jules at 7-Imp said...

LOVE those business cards. I could eat it up.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

P.S. No way you're gonna make a blue rose doll? I must purchase one. For a friend. We have This Thing about The Glass Menagerie. If I miss a post about this doll, by chance, please update me. Pretty please?

adrienne said...

The business card is especially great because there was the creativity of creating the dolls and then the task of taking a nice photograph of the dolls and then the added task of designing the business card. Those are pretty much all stumpers for me.

tanita davis said...

A very lovely business card! Nice!

I love the embroidery down the "jacket" of the Meadow Fairy dolly. That's gorgeous.

I was just realizing I don't wear much of anything in the way of jewelry or lipstick or brightly colored clothes or ... actually, anything but jeans. I looked in my closet to go away for a week and decided to bring only one pair, and I'm wearing two blouses that I bought and put away.

Sheesh, I need to get out more.

Promise you'll drape a few things around that neck.

Saints and Spinners said...

Tanita: I wore my "A" necklace that I bought from Etsy, so I did indeed drape something around my neck. At my daughter's Pentecost festival this afternoon, we each got to choose a gift to wear around our neck. Lucia chose Wisdom and Bede and I chose Courage. Maybe you need to adorn yourself from time to time, too. Want to borrow a tiara?!

Adrienne: Thanks. The photograph of the dolls was the most challenging part of the whole deal.

Jules: Sure thing! I might need to make a bouquet.

Jama: I'll let you know! I need to drum up some text, but I'll probably post them this weekend or next week, and let you know. I'm thinking about raspberry and blackberry now, too.

Vivian and LoneStarMa: Thank you so much!

Charlotte said...

That's the nicest business card I've ever seen!

And I'm glad for you that you've covered costs! That must be a relief.

Elaine Magliaro said...


Ah! What could be more beautiful than a Blue Rose??? Except...maybe...a Wild Rose???

Saints and Spinners said...

Elaine, I have Sweetbriar on the list. :)