Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Giving Taking Tree and Brie and Foie Gras for Frances

My blogging job has been so easy this past week. All I had to do was round up your contest entries, group them into various categories, and have the judges and Minh Le do the rest. Look what Minh has done now: more honorable mentions! Check out the covers for the other Giving Tree sequels with Finding Wonderland's a.fortis contribution of "The Taking Tree", plus Elaine Magliaro's "Brie and Foie Gras" for Frances. Minh has the graphics, but we both have the texts:

The Taking Tree: Shel Silverstein's sequel to The Giving Tree proves to be much less popular, as children everywhere shun trees for fear of grabby branches and thieving twigs, and parents complain about the bad morals being conveyed to their impressionable tots. Book rated highly with test audiences, but it was later revealed that test audience consisted mainly of rhododendrons. -a.fortis, Finding Wonderland

The Tree: Co-dependent No More!
: A burst of insight leads the formerly Giving Tree to shed its unhealthy relationship with The Boy as it sprouts a new branch from the stump it has become. -MotherReader

Counting Rings: A Very Special Crime Scene Investigation of 'The Giving Tree': Using the current DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), "Counting Rings: A Very Special Crime Scene Investigation of 'The Giving Tree'" breaks down, in a child-friendly counting-book way, the psychoses and delusions behind your child's first - and favorite - dysfunctional relationship. -Lee Wind

The Irate Stump: The Giving Tree has a few regrets . . . -Jamie Michalak

The Trading Tree: The story of a cunning tree which, starting with the offer of an apple for allowance, slowly trades a young boy out of his considerable inheritance over the course of his life, leaving him with nothing but a place to sit. -Tony Dowler (not an official entry, since he's a relation...)

And one more for good measure--the unnecessary sequel to Bread and Jam For Frances:

Brie and Foie Gras For Frances: After spending a month-long summer vacation in Paris with her parents and younger sister, Frances returns home and refuses to eat anything other than brie cheese and foie gras imported from France. -Elaine Magliaro


Schelle said...

lo .,L Munchkin hel pi ngm e type .. v.. b :D

tanita davis said...

Hee! Oh, I'm down with Lee's interpretation -- the DSM-V is desperately needed in this case. Desperately.