Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flowering-Red Currant

Earlier in the month, I posted photos of my currant bushes. Andromeda (a.k.a. Cloudscome) asked me if I planned to make jam with berries from the red-flowering currant bush. According to my research, the gorgeous currant bushes put forth beautiful flowers but the berries themselves are edible but "insipid." It's just as well. The farmer who sold me her currant jam at the farmer's market said that currant jam is even more labor-intensive than berry jam because one has to skin the berries. I am content to appreciate other people's jam-making. (By the way, I am quite willing to trade the fruits of my creativity for the jam-making fruits of yours.)

Sometimes I have a specific idea of what doll I'd like to make, while other times the felt inspires me. When I found a deep pink piece of felt at a local shop last week, I knew immediately that I wanted to make red-flowering currant doll. A friend had commissioned a doll for her daughter and gave me free rein to make what I wished, so I made this root child:

Here is the Red-Flowering Currant root child in her native habitat:

Our red-flowering currant shrub is a young plant. To view how it may look after a few years, visit here.

For those of you who are impatiently awaiting the results of the Unnecessary Children's Book Sequel contest, Minh Le has a new series to tide you over. He is reimagining picture-books as grown-up novels. In addition to Charlotte's Library's contribution of I am Still a Bunny, Minh has Goodnight Moon and The Paperback Princess for you to read.


tanita davis said...

Wow, you made the flowers DEAD ON. What a gorgeous color!

Currants have way, way, WAY too many seeds in them.

mamaroots said...

just lovely!!

Lone Star Ma said...


I made apple butter once. Once.

Saints and Spinners said...

Tanita, Mamaroots and LoneStarMa: Thanks! The extent of my jam/fruit-butter making involves taking skins off (apples and pears), cooking until the fruit is soft, and then puree-ing with the immersion blender.

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

These just keep getting more and more beautiful. I love the expression on her face and the tilt of her head. As for jam, we've made raspberry jam every fall for years now--it's just freezer jam, but I love it because it keeps the bright color of the berries and tastes so fresh. Super-easy to make, too (I use Pomona pectin). You should try it!

jama said...

Oh, the Red Currant doll is so pretty!

adrienne said...

I may take you up on that jam-trading deal when jam-making season comes round again.

This reminds me that the other day Lucas and I had a conversation re: preserving fruits.

Lucas: I know it's a lot of work to make jam and freeze fruit, but it is totally worth it.
Me: You didn't actually make any jam or freeze any fruit.
Lucas: I know, but it was still worth it.

mamakopp said...

Oh she is so pretty! I love your detail. Her staff with the blossoms on the end!!!!

Saints and Spinners said...

Adrienne: Oh good! I was looking at you when I wrote what I did. I got a kick out of your exchange with Lucas.

Jama: Thanks! I'm glad you like her.

Anamaria: You tempt me... I love raspberry jam. In fact, I don't think I've met a jam I didn't like. I bought my father some dandelion jam years ago but I never actually tasted it.

Vivian said...

Oh, Farida! She is beautiful...her colors lovely. The flowers are spot on!