Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Goth Waldorf!

The latest Etsy shop to delight me is that of Silver Acorn. I think of a lot of Acorngirl's wee felt people fall under the category of "Goth Waldorf" (if there's no such term, I'm coining it now). Her wee felt girl in a purple jumper is how I would envision a recreation of Lydia Purpuraria, the patron saint of dyers. No, Lydia didn't run around with Tyrian purple hair. That would have been expensive and stinky.

I recently purchased a Silver Acorn princess doll for Lucia's birthday. Lucia is a big fan of Jane Ray's rendition of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and the doll reminded me of Ray's drawings. Even though Lucia's favorite of the Twelve Dancing Princesses doesn't have red hair, I may give the doll a tiny wool felt sun mask on a stick if I have the time and inclination to make it. Lucia loves that sun mask so much that Bede made her a paper mask on a straw stick for her to hold when she dressed up as the eldest princess.


tanita s. davis said...

Cute -- the doll has such big hair I'd be scared to play with her.

I think her jumper should be black, though. And a little longer. And she needs boots. Big, heavy boots...

Lone Star Ma said...

Goth Waldorf! How enchanting!