Monday, October 06, 2008

"Vinyl is the new books"

A friend of mine came over with her three year old child to visit when my daughter was a baby. I set out the Fisher Price record-player that is actually a music-box with interchangable tunes. My friend's son called the records "CDs" because they were about the same size as compact discs, but I noticed that when he lifted one up, he blew on it before setting it on the turntable. I laughed, because I hadn't seen that maneuver since I had my own vinyl record turntable in high school. Sometimes I slip up and refer to a store that sells music as a "record store." (But hey, my mom still refers to an ATM as a "money mover.")

It's become hip in recent years for musicians to release limited runs of their recordings on vinyl. Here's an article about the vinyl resurgance that showed up in my inbox:

Vinyl Spins to the Forefront Again, by Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune critic

At a time when convenience and portability rule for consumers listening to music collections on MP3 players, the stodgy old vinyl album and turntable are making an unexpected comeback....

"We're seeing the [vinyl] resurgence in all walks of life: from 50-year-old guys who want high-quality product to match their high-end stereos to 19-year-old kids who are sick of the minimalist Ikea design that has plagued dorm rooms for the last decade," says Ken Shipley, co-owner of the Numero Group, a South Side label that specializes in reissues of underground soul music. "Vinyl is the new books."

Jules of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, keep reading, because there's a nice quote by Sam Phillips!


adrienne said...

A couple of our young (early 20s) staff members here at WPL are in a band that puts out actual records, which I thought was very cool. It's nice to see young artists valuing tradition while also forging ahead into new things.

K. Jay said...

After recovering from my leg injury, I gave each of my children a gift from my possessions for all the help and care they gave me. To my son I gave all of my Bill Cosby LPs. You would have thought I had given him pure gold. For him, CDs are old hat, but vinyl is chic. Who knew?

Jules at 7-Imp said...

I'd like to see a resurgence of actual records, too. The sound quality is superior. Thanks for this link, Alkelda. I'm a day late but finally got to read it. P.S. Go, Sam, as always!

TopDailyMonitor said...

Sound is good and I've been buying vinyl discs on