Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Song of the Week: I Wish You Love

Thanks to Kids' Music that Rocks (formerly known as Children's Music that Rocks), I now have I Wish You Love by Sunflow in my head:

All the sun for you
All I can wish for you
Is wish you the best of everything.

All the sky for you
Forever I fly for you
And the good life this will bring.

So while you lay sleeping
I just sit and stare
And pray that you're dreaming
A lifetime of happiness
A joy from up above
Until then I wish you love.

I ended up downloading the album Under the Stars. The album is going to press in November, but the MP3s are available now. Since I have a hard time waiting for music, I went for instant gratification.


Jules at 7-Imp said...

If someone wished "all the sun" for me, I'd say that's about the nicest thing they could ever say. What lovely lyrics.

I finally got my library copy of Margarent, Frank, and Andy last night, thanks to your recommendation. What a good, little read that was.

Anonymous said...

thanks farida, how cool of you to post that and link us!
i wish you MUCH love from eire