Monday, August 18, 2008

Dreaming of prehistoric-themed confections

Last week, my daughter woke me up out of a deep sleep and asked, "Mommy, what song were you singing in my dream?" When I protested that I was asleep and had no idea what I was singing in her dream, she chimed, "Don't be grouchy!"

Lately, my daughter has been telling me her dreams, and then asking me what I've dreamed. There is no way that I am going to burden her with the deluge of images and themes that go through my sleeping mind, so I'll tell her only the vaguest snippets of what I remember. "I dreamed I was in high school," I've told her, and "I dreamed I was planting bulbs outside a house that wasn't our house." Once, when I was still just waking up and was willing to say anything in the hopes that I could go back to sleep, I told her that I dreamed we had gone to our favorite restaurant and I ordered an Ammonite creampuff. Despite all that I did to try to convince her that (as far as I knew) no such confection existed outside of my dream, guess who tried to order a prehistoric themed bakery-item the next time we went out to dinner.


jama said...

Oh, I'm with her. I want one!

Lone Star Ma said...

That would be lovely. I found a really cool ammonite once on the ground in north Texas.

The Lone Star Baby likes to tell me about her dreams,but she doesn't ask about mine. When she was smaller and had not articulated an awareness of dreams, I used to wonder if she thought they were real memories or what.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

This might sound weird, but I always looked forward to talking to my children about their dreams and even being there for them when they had nightmares ('cause I remember mine so clearly)---not that I would WISH a bad dream on them, but I hope you know what I mean.

Fortunately, they...well, NEVER had bad dreams -- not the bad-enough kind to remember to tell me about them, that is (as I'm sure we all occasionally have bad dreams). And when I ask my four-year-old what she dreamt about, her response each and EVERY morning? "Dinosaurs." For serious, she can't be dreaming about them EVERY night, but that's what she says. And my 2-year old? The same story each day about going to the library and trying to reach for a book or something like that.

So much for hearing vivid stories about their dreams! Piper's either really dreaming about dinosaurs every night, or she's just having fun with the repetition of saying "dinosaurs" every morning. (Incidentally, they *are* obsessed with dinosaurs and play with them all the flippin' time.)

*I* want a prehistoric-themed confection. I do! I do! Let's create a new dessert and just give it a name that begins with "dino-"....or "creta-"....oh, I'm stretching here.