Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Buttercup Corner

After last December, when Lucia's Snowdrop Little One (from the Little One Meadow) came home for the holidays, I searched online for "snowdrop doll" and found this Winter Snowdrop Doll from Buttercup Corner on Etsy.com, a website for artisans to buy and sell their hand-made items. I contacted the seller to tell her how much I admired the doll I imagined had been snapped up instantly. She told me that if I ever wanted her to make me a snowdrop doll as a custom order, she would be glad to do so.

In June, I contacted her again, and by request, she not only made a snowdrop doll in a slightly different style from the one before, but a crocus doll as well. I explained that in my stories about Lucia's Snowdrop, the best friend was always Crocus. The stories I told were variations on a theme: Snowdrop and Crocus were so impatient for Spring to arrive that they popped up before everyone else and played in the snow. Then, their friends Daffodil and Tulip would show up later, after the snows had melted. (Yes, I kind of want a Daffodil doll too, but now I'm getting greedy.)

The morning after we came back to Seattle from Santa Fe, Lady Snowdrop and Lady Crocus were waiting for us on the mantlepiece. Here they are in Buttercup Corner:

And here they are, hanging out with Ivy and Holly (holding baby Wintergreen), two dollies we brought home from the school Sugar Plum Faire:

In addition to the Etsy.com site, you may also find the creator of these dolls at the Buttercup Corner blog, where she writes as Celandine, a "mother, avid reader, seamstress and crafter" who happens to be a homeschool teacher in the Waldorf tradition. (She even has chickens! Of course she has chickens.) It's been a pleasure to communicate with her, and I suspect that I will be returning to Buttercup Corner again in the future when I can justify asking for more friends for Lady Snowdrop and Lady Crocus.


Lone Star Ma said...


myaphrodite said...

Hooray for Etsyians! :)

Jules at 7-Imp said...

How beautiful!

I just discovered that Etsy site fairly recently. So fabulous.

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

Those are lovely; so nice to know that they were handmade just for you--i mean Lucia. Waldorf has the best toys!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Yes, hurrah for Etsy! And the dollies were indeed made for me. Lucia is allowed to play with them gently on the hutch, but I made it clear to her that they were MY dollies.:)

John & Kelley said...

I have a collection of not-so-unique porcelain dolls that were given to me over my adolescent years. I'm not an avid collector, but still enjoy admiring my dollies. I also have more special pieces--small handmade dolls from Africa and from St. Croix, and a large handmade doll I bought at a local Native American festival. These dolls are so lovely. I imagine you have to be quick to claim one. Thanks for sharing the photos!


Vivian said...

These are so lovely! Here's to many magical moments!