Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feelin' Kind of Groovy With a Pizza and a Movie New Recess Monkey Album

I was planning on reviewing Recess Monkey's new album, "Tabby Road," (due out in stores around July 15), but I think I'll just let Warren Truitt do the talking for me. The House of Glee helped Recess Monkey record the album during one of the two featured sessions: you can hear our voices and handclaps blended with everyone else's on "Birthday Bite," "Green Monster," and "Under My Bed."

I can't remember whether or not we helped out on "S-L-Double-E-P Over" (or just listened to it live) but the chorus will definitely worm its way into your ears:

S-L-Double-E-P over, S-L Double-E-P over with you,
Feelin' kind of groovy with a pizza and a movie,
S-L Double-E-P over with you.

There's a bit at the end of "Green Monster" where Recess Monkey sings, "V-E-G-E-T-A" and we finish "B-L-E!" If you listen closely, you'll hear the lag time where a child calls out "B-L-E!" right after we've finished. That was totally unrehearsed, and one of those pleasant serendipitious moments for which Recess Monkey was thankful.

Rob Hampton, my guitar teacher, is a guest musician on "Robin (the Sugar Goblin)." I had to laugh when I heard the opening chords because those particular opening "wah wah wahs" on the electric guitar have his fingerprints all over them. Rumor had it that Brad the Gorilla was supposed to be the guest musician for that song, but since that is a rumor started by Brad himself, I wouldn't give it too much credit.

Here is the album cover:

Here is the original proposed album cover.

As with all Recess Monkey albums (except for "Welcome to Monkey Town"), there is a shout-out to John Vanderslice. Listen for it.


Lone Star Ma said...

Coolness (as the LSG would say).

TadMack said...

It never fails to amaze me that there's this whole world out there of ...kid music. Sounds fun. And your hair is different! I like the highlights (I resisted the urge to say 'stripes').

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

LSM: Thanks.

TadMack: I always feel a little "striped" when I first get highlights in my hair-- they blend into my regular hair color after awhile. It's one of my vanities.

Lone Star Ma said...

Speaking of vanities, may I say that you look lovelier and lovelier in recent posted photos? Personally, I think it grossly unfair for people to get prettier as they get older but some people seem to have that talent. Lone Star Pa is also one of that ilk. I am definitely not. Ah, well.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

LSM: Thanks! The great thing about digital photos is the luxury of taking lots and lots of pictures, then choosing only the ones that are the most flattering.