Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pete Seeger's Flow Chart, the Urban Mennonite, and the Amish Guitar

This flowchart by MisterHippity, (courtesy of The Urban Mennonite) of how Pete Seeger would write songs if he had been a software engineer delights me:

Speaking of urban Mennonites, I'm also pleased to have been introduced to this guitar blog written by one of my fellow college alumni: Amish Guitar. As much as I enjoy reading blogs by musicians proficient in guitar, it's good to have forums for questions and discoveries among the rest of us. I had to laugh with recognition when I read the post where K.Jay's family clamored that he not play the guitar. It turned out, they just wanted him to watch the movie with them, but I was reminded of Lucia shrieking, "Mommy don't play! Hold you like a baby!" because she knew that once I picked up my guitar, I'd want not to be pestered. (Singing along and dancing is fine-- putting her foot over the sound-hole is not.)


TadMack said...

Of course, D. is a software engineer. You know I HAD TO forward this. He is groaning and muttering about Möbius strips.

Lone Star Ma said...

Ooooh- urban Mennonites. I'm always really fascinated by Mennonites, as close spiritual cousins of Quakers - and why they don't seem to suffer the may not be the right word....over-population by highly educated middle and owning class progressives, let's say...that the Religious Society of Friends struggles with in the US. Obviously, Quakers have something to learn from the class diversity of the Mennonites.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

LSM: I'm sure Mennonites have their share. However, it does help, I think, that there are (relatively) a lot of Mexicans and Central Americans joining the Mennonites, thereby adding a bit more oomph to the original Swiss-German and Russian flavors of Mennonites.

TadMack: You mean D. is struggling with paper chains? I confess I don't actually know what one DOES with Mobius strips besides make them out of paper chains (and inadvertently out of wool when trying to knit a hat).

K. Jay said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words. Now I have a reputation to live up to. :^)