Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Cat Ate My Peppers

This is the first year that anything has thrived in this shady part of the garden, as you can see here. All that changed when I realized that the soil was choked with tree roots, and removed all that I could. Here's an idea of how that part of the garden around this time last year.

I have been spending just about every spare moment in the garden. It's a young garden. Last year was the time to beat down the knee-high weeds, figure out which of the plants my mom had planted in 2003 actually survived years of benign neglect, and bring in new plants and seeds to see how they would fare in various parts of the yard. This year has been the time in which I liberated the soil from the vast amounts of roots left over from the trees that were taken down prior to our moving in (to make way for the improved sewer line), moved plants to where they would seem happier, and start building up the spaces for more permanent perennial gardens.

Inside, I planted yellow and red roasting pepper plant seeds and placed the peat pots on the windowsill. I myself am no fan of peppers, but Lucia loves them and I love Lucia, so that's where the logic lies. I was pleasantly surprised when the seeds actually sprouted. A few weeks ago, I gave away some of my seedlings. I was looking forward to putting the peppers in pots outdoors when the weather warmed up.

Yesterday, the cats bypassed the homemade "cat-alarm" of soda-cans and strings in order to eat the pepper plants.

[Fill in the space here for all of the rotten, outrageous things I said, the things I threw, etc.]

Today, I went out and bought two yellow pepper plants. The plant specialist recommended that I put plastic bags over the plants at night, because there was no way I was bringing them indoors for the cats to destroy.

I wonder if the cats eating my peppers was karmic justice for my having stolen cucumbers? I just found out that my own garden thievery wasn't very sophisticated in comparison to how it could have been. Bede's brother would eat all of the carrots in their mother's garden, then plant the carrot tops to make it look as if they were still growing.


TadMack said...

What Bede's brother didn't know was that if he'd done it carefully and watered them well, the carrot tops would have taken root again!!! I've done that accidentally.

Man, cucumbers are SO GOOD, though, aren't they? Like drinking crispy water... I can't BELIEVE the cat ate the peppers, though. They must be bells. I'd leave a Scotch bonnet plant on the windowsill... but then, I don't love your cat like you do!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

TadMack: I didn't know that carrot tops could take root again. I've had carrot tops in water, though, to see them sprout green. The cats eat anything that's an indoor plant. And while I would be sad if something happened to the cats, I don't love them like Bede does. They're his cats from his bachelor days, and they've never forgotten it!

Lone Star Ma said...

Naughty kitties. Spicy kitties.

HipWriterMama said...

Hey! I like your header! I hope it hasn't been up like forever and I just noticed it...bows head in shame.

Must plant vegetables..but I first need to figure out how to deter the deer, rabbits and other critters around here.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

LSM: Spicy kitties? As in curried cat? I wouldn't have expected that from you, a vegetarian.:)

Hee hee.

HWM: Don't worry, it's been up for only a few weeks. I think. But thanks! I've seen some plants that say "Deer resistant," but I wonder if chicken wire is the way to go, plus a little garden specifically for deer and rabbits. I'm concerned the squirrels are going to get my garden again this year. Last year, they'd take a bit out of a squash, say, "Oh, it's not ripe yet!" and move on. They also ate my carrot tops. This year, the bulk of the veggie garden is in the front, where more human activity is a deterrent.

HipWriterMama said...

There are plants that are deer resistant? For real? I'm going to Google it right now! That'll be so cool.