Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alkelda's Feast Day

This is just to say that Alkelda of Giggleswick's feast day is this month: March 28, to be exact. I just thought I'd mention that to you because it might be of interest to those of you who are in a scholarly mindset...

Oh, all right, it's also my 36th birthday. You know what I've always wanted for my birthday? A surprise party. Actually, I've already had one. Here's the story:

For my twentieth birthday, I wanted to go to the fantastic Indian restaurant in South Bend, Indiana. It was an hour's drive, and completely worth it. My college friends and I made dinner plans to eat there on my birthday, March 28. My former roommmate said she would handle all of the arrangements.

Then, some friends said there was a concert they wanted to see that night. I wanted those friends to join us, so I said, "Okay, let's make it March 27, then." Plans were set in place. Then, other friends said, "That guy's senior music recital is that night, and we want to go to it." They convinced me to move it to March 29. So, March 29 (the day after my birthday) rolled around, and I was all set to go to the fantastic Indian restaurant in South Bend, Indiana. As my friends picked me up, my former roommate said, "Guess what! The Indian restaurant is clsoed on Sundays! We're going to the Olive Garden."

I cannot tell you how much I wanted to behave badly. I wanted to throw a tantrum and say, "I'm not going to the confounded Olive Garden. I need curry, and I'm not getting it in Middle America." However, a friend of mine had come in from Chicago specifically for my birthday. So, I kept my demeanor pleasant, but I made sure I rode in the car that did not have my former roommate in it.

We went to the Olive Garden. While we were there, my former roommate kept looking at her watch. She said, "I don't think I'll get dessert," and looked pointedly at the rest of us.

I thought, "I didn't get to go to the fantastic Indian restaurant, but I am jolly well going to get dessert on MY birthday celebration," and ordered the cannoli. However, the whole meal was just awful. On the way home, my former roommate invited all of us over to her apartment, but we all said we were too tired. For some reason, my former roommate looked stressed out about this. She told me, "At least come inside and get your present."

I didn't feel like it, and I told her so, but then I relented. I thought, "I am more of a detailed person than my rooomate is. I shouldn't have let her organize my party, and it's not fair for me to blame her for what wasn't a good time for me. I'll go in, get my present, and pretend to be cheerful about the whole thing."

We went inside her apartment, and I saw a number of lumps on the floor covered with blankets. These lumps rose up and said, "Uhhhhh--- SURPRISE!!!!!" They were my friends who couldn't join us for dinner but wanted to help celebrate my birthday. However, we had started dinner late and had gotten home so late that some of the celebrants had finally left while the few remaining faithful decided to take naps.

The rest of the evening was delightful and merry. Friends acted out my favorite skits, sang songs and played Truth or Dare. My former roommate explained to me that everyone who went to dinner with me was supposed to come to the surprise party too. Her pointed remarks about not eating dessert was to remind them that we were working on a time-limit (unbeknownst to me).

Needless to say, I forgave my former roommate for flubbing the organization of the fantastic Indian restaurant excursion. She had given me the surprise party I'd always wanted (after a fashion).

However, I did make sure I was in charge of all future restaurant reservations.


Lone Star Ma said...

Happy early birthday! Surprise parties are cool. The only one I ever had (that was really a surprise) was the one our mutual childhood friend threw for me on my 16th birthday - I felt cherished (she actually stole my address book and invited people she didn't even know as well as our friends from school and she collaborated with my mom who was not her biggest fan). Some colleagues tried to throw me a surprise baby shower once, but I could tell. I hope your birthday is full of wonderful surprises.

TadMack said...

Man, I wish I could give you a surprise party! (I hate them, myself, but I've never had one -- I just hate surprises!)

And may I say: OY. Olive Garden?! If they wanted you in a good mood, they should at least have taken you somewhere actually ethnic. Olive Garden is as Italian as... well, I just don't know what. But it's NOT Italian!

Anyway. Happy Birthday in Advance, and may your fun day be much better this time around!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I'm so behind! I'm behind on all of your blogs. Anyway... thank you, LSM. I think I vaguely remember the birthday party our MCF threw, though that may be more the power of suggestion than anything. That's pretty cool. With all of the cattiness that can go on in high school, it's good to remember how cool our friends could be.

TadMack: There was one good Mexican restaurant in my college town, and it was quite good, but alas, that was the only "actual ethnic" place nearby. For anything more that was a bit of a South Bend was the place to go. I remember going back to my college town a few years ago and trying to order a proper salad in vain-- the best I got was shredded iceberg with a tomato wedge on top. Still, when it came to breakfasts, my college town could not be beat.

Thanks for the early birthday wishes! When the actual day rolls around, I'll probably grind the ground with my toe a la Anne Lamott and pretend to be modest.

Noodle said...

Well, happy birthday! I hope it's wonderful!

And as a present, I finally sent you the CDs! Well, not really, I was sending them anyway, but it sounds good. :)