Saturday, February 16, 2008

Copy and paste

I'm helping out with the graphics element of the displays for my daughter's auction, plus I have four book reviews due on February 20. (Memo to School Library Journal: it's hard enough to get two book reviews in on time.) As a result, the blog will probably be quiet for the next couple of days. So far, here's my favorite graphic, put together for the auction item that is a quilt made up of the high bidder's old tee-shirts:

Two tee-shirts that didn't quite make the cut, mainly because I couldn't find the graphics I remembered:

1) An orange and black shirt decrying the Three Mile Island* nuclear accident with the words "They Lie" on the front. The "i" is a nuclear reactor.

2) A blue, white and gold shirt of two people trying to reach out to each other around the atomic symbol in the middle, with the words, "You can't hug a friend with nuclear arms."

*As birthday presents go, the Three Mile Island meltdown is definitely my least favorite of all time.


Lone Star Ma said...

Groovy graphics.

Sean said...

Many moons ago, I had a sponsor who lived within out-her-back-window viewing distance of TMI. She was there when it went down/up. So were her kids. They were involved in some type of long-term study for children of/near the TMI event. I have lost track of her. I seem to remember she was not very concerned. Perhaps it was cognitive dissonance.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Sean: Ah, cognitive dissonance. Thanks for bringing this term to the surface. It accurately describes some of the thoughts I've been having these days.

What I remember about TMI is that my aunt and uncle decided to leave their PA home for awhile because my aunt was pregnant and they didn't know what the repercussions would be. My uncle asked my aunt to go quickly to the grocery store to get some food to take with them. My aunt came back with bags of food for their cat.

Well, that's the way he tells the story!