Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sheet music for Lantern Song

For those of you who wanted the music for yesterday's Lantern Song, I couldn't find a sound file for you, but I did scan the sheet music we're using in school. If you don't read music, I hope you can find someone who does and who would be willing to sing or play it for you. I've got a link to a virtual keyboard here. If you're willing to make a go of it yourself without reading music, here are the notes as you see them on the virtual keyboard:

First part: C/ F F A F A/ C1 A F/G G G A G/ F
Second part: A/ C1 A F A/C1 A F F/G G G GA G/ F


Cloudscome said...

ALKELDA! *shouts with glee and slaps her ala Elaine from Seinfeld* That virtual keyboard is amazing! Girl! I played your lantern song with pan pipes. I have to practice a bit to get the timing right but IT IS COOL.

I printed your music out and I think I can play this on the recorder. We are going over to my dad's today for his birthday cake and I am going to play it for him. Buster speaks German too, but he is not much of a singer. We'll see. Imagine us something like the Trapp Family singers...

Something like, anyway.


Kelly Fineman said...

Sol do do-mi do-mi sol mi do re-re-re-re mi re do.

Sightsinging nerdfighter! Yeah!

I understand why the chorus is so catchy now. Thanks for posting this!!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Hurrah! I'm glad you both were able to get the tune.