Friday, October 26, 2007

Nocturnal animals all about...

I made some felt-board animals to use with Nancy Stewart's song Nocturnal Animals:

On a moonlit night when the stars come out
There are nocturnal animals all about
Whoo, whoo, what do I see
A wise old owl looking at me.

Despite its legginess, I added a cricket, but left out other nocturnal animals like cuttlefish, tasmanian devils, tarantualas, skunks and vinegarroons. Did you know that crickets are nocturnal (active during the night) while grasshoppers are diurnal (active during the day)? I didn't. Also, there are animals that are neither strictly nocturnal nor diurnal, but crepuscular, i.e. primarily active during twilight. Platypus (or platypuses), coyotes, foxes and a lot of songbirds are crepuscular, though they're often called nocturnal in casual conversation. You do have casual conversations about such matters, right? If you're a Nerdfighter, you might.


limpy99 said...

I'm nocturnal, my wife is primarily diurnal. I gues it's thanks to those crepescular overlaps that we have the two kids.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Limpy99: I think we owe a lot to crepuscular overlaps. There are friends I might never see otherwise.

Lone Star Ma said...

CREPUSCULAR...Wow. I think we need to start a religion or something. Wow. That there could be such a word. I am in love. Or in awe. Or something. CREPUSCULAR!!!!!