Friday, October 05, 2007

Lull in comments

Two blog posts, two days, no comments. Hiss boo, sulk.

I miss you. I hope you're reading anyway. I'm reading your blogs on my Google Reader, at any rate, and trying to leave at least one comment for each one so that you know I've visited. How's that for a bit of guilt-nudging?

Next week, I plan to feature Recess Monkey on Spinning Wheel. You don't want to miss Recess Monkey. Trust me.


Noodle said...

LOL! I was going to leave a little nudge for you (on the song post) to get working on your CD, but I decided I wouldn't be pushy.

So I'm nudging now. :)

I read in the Google reader too, so I'm just as guilty as anyone.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Noodle: You do like me, you do!:)

I recorded some of my songs on a mini-tape recorder yesterday-- nothing fancy, just something to have as a reference, since writing down the music is a long, slow, painful process for me. Urgh. My voice is servicable, but not lovely. In order to get a proper independent EP together, I'm really going to need someone who knows his or her stuff in terms of producing such a venture. My friend Heather Kropf is a "real" musician, and it took years for her to get her 2nd album together!

SamRiddleburger said...

I guess I probably comment on about 1 in 20 posts that I read these days. My dial-up modem sets the bar pretty high for me. Plus, I don't like to post if I don't feel like I have something to add.

Noodle said...

I'll have to agree with Sam. I seldom comment if it's just a "Me too!" or a "Yeah!"

I do appreciate those types of comments though, so perhaps I should make a point to comment more, even if it's an unimportant one.


Timothy Carter said...

I also agree with Sam, which means this might possibly be a "Yeah!" and "Me, too!" comment. If I can't think of something to add, I tend not to bother.

Doesn't mean I don't like you!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Sam, Noodle and Timothy: The thing is, my blog posts are so rarely controversial (i.e. inciting heated debate). For the most part, I'm here to entertain. I wish I had a button where one could click for "one round of applause" if the reader liked what I had written but didn't feel like commenting. I suppose then I should have a "rotten produce" button too.

abcgirl said...

it was so much easier to make comments when i was reading the blogs on their own websites instead of in Google reader. unless i'm missing some easy way to click once to leave a comment within reader... sorry i've been remiss.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

ABCGirl: I realized I was enabling people not to leave comments by having the full text on the reader. I changed it so that you only get to read part of the post unless you click on the link to go to the full post. Mwa ha ha.

I'm glad you stopped by!