Monday, October 15, 2007

Kidfest Wrap-Up

My Kidfest gig went well, considering that the day was so lovely and sunshiney that many people wisely chose to spend their Sunday outdoors. Some friends from church showed up for the first part of my gig, for which I was grateful. I've decided that I really do need to put on a free program in the future so that more of my friends can come. A house party maybe? We'll see.

I had a good time at Kidfest yesterday. Thanks go out to everyone who phoned and sent me email wishing me good luck. Eric Herman wrote, "Break a leg next Sunday (not literally... that's more my thing...)"

(Which reminds me: Eric Herman is coming to town this week and he's coming to the House of Glee! I haven't told Lucia yet, because she'll start asking me every day whether it's time for Eric Herman to come to dinner yet, and will he juggle zucchini like Giovianni in The Clown of God... it's too much for one little girl to anticipate. So, I'll wait.)

Anyway, here is the final set-list of the stories and songs I presented:

Opening: When Ducks Get Up in the Morning
Story: Joseph the Tailor
Song: Jenny Jenkins
Story: Little Orange House
Story: The Mosquito (string story)
Song: There Ain’t No Bugs on Me
Song: Hop Up Ladies

Interlude: How Do You Like to Go Up in a Swing? (Words: Robert Louis Stevenson Music: Farida Dowler) *WORLD PREMIERE*

Opening: Little Monkey Face
Story: Almira and the Robbers
Story: The Crickets, by Arnold Lobel (with “Oh Miss Mousie” song to the tune of “Buffalo Gals”)
Story: Lazy Jack
Song: Old Joe Clark
Song: I’m a Little Scallop in a Shell (with scallop puppet)

Here's a link to view photos: Kidfest 2007


TadMack said...

How very cool that you took a Stevenson poem and set it to music! Did you record your song?

Noodle said...

Oooh, so cool! Did you make any videos to share with us? I want to see!

adrienne said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad it went well! :)

You know, I tell "The Mosquito," too, which makes two stories we have in common. The pics on your other blog look fun. (Your daughter's red shoes (boots?) are amazing, by the by. Red shoes are the best.)

limpy99 said...

Tell Lucia that he's coming just as he gets to the front door.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

TadMack: I have a rough cut on a mini-tape recorder, but as of now, I have no real recording equipment. I'm hoping to get help from my brother in that regard in the future.

Noodle: I have no video camera! I saw someone else pointing a video-camera (or a fancy photo camera), but as far as "fancy gadgets" go, I only recently got one of those small cell-phones that actually fit into the cell-phone pockets placed in purses and handbags. I could do serious damage with my clunker of a digital camera, too.;)

Adrienne: Yay! Do you do "The Farmer and the Yams" too, from the Story Vine? Those are the two string stories I know. I used to have a whole routine starting with the Eiffel tower and ending with Tarzan's underwear, but I've lost the knack. Those red shoes were a lucky Value Village find. I want some, too.

Limpy99: I may do just that. After all, what if Eric Herman gets stuck at his performance venue signing autographs on people's elbows?

Lady K said...

Glad to hear it all went well. Since it's so nice out, why not do one in the park?

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lady K: Thanks! Don't forget, this is the Seattle rainy season. The fact that it was sunny yesterday was an anomaly. Today, it's back to the continual drip.

HipWriterMama said...

How about YouTube for those of us who are far away?

Congrats! Sounds so fun. Have fun with dinner. You'll probably have to take a picture of Lucia when she realizes Eric Herman is in the House of Glee. That will be priceless.

adrienne said...

I haven't done the yams yet, though I know the story.

Lone Star Ma said...

So cool! Congratulations!