Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Herman-mobile is headed your way

Hey! Eric Herman may be coming to your city. If he does, don't you want him to come to your school? Your library? Your coffee-karaoke bar? You'll be able to see his cute, cute kids and meet his brilliant wife. You might even get the entire Invisible Band to fit into your living room for a concert. I'm thinking of trying out for the Invisible Band just so I can go on the tour. Sure, the pay is stinkin' lousy, but the dress code is informal and I don't have to show up for sound-checks. Really, though, I can barely imagine all of the energy and focus it's going to take to organize this tour. Any contacts for booking performances and song writing workshops would be a big help. (I need to take one of those song-writing workshops myself, as most of my songs sound so sad, even the ones with major chords.)

I am wondering... is this venture going to be the Snail's Pace Tour? Because that would be funny.

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