Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Book, Book, Book-- Librarian!*

I met up with my fellow blogger, Book, Book, Book's, Els Kushner, shortly before she moved from Seattle, Washington, to Vancouver, British Columbia. However, the two cities are only 3 1/2 hours away from each other. This past weekend, the House of Glee drove up to Vancouver for a mini-vacation with my father (henceforth known as Papa Gleeful), Ulric and Ulric's girlfriend. Thanks to Papa Gleeful's foresight in planning an excursion that would get us out of Seattle, Bede got to meet up with the auntie with whom he'd not visited over 15 years, and I got to see Els again. I met up with Els at the Kids' Tent of the book and magazine festival called Word on the Street:

(Believe it or not, the weather is soggier in Vancouver than it is in Seattle.)

In addition to Book, Book, Book, Els now has a paid gig blogging for Scholastic. It's called Librarian Mom. Please visit her new blog and leave a comment or two.

*Meant to be read along the lines of "Duck, duck, duck-- goose!"

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bookbk said...

oh gosh, thanks for the link, and I love that picture! It truly does capture the sogginess of that day. (My feet were very cold and wet by the end of my shift.) It was great to see you too; I hope you can come back soon!