Thursday, September 13, 2007

Five Saints to Invite to Dinner

Diana of St. Fiacre's Garden tagged me to list the five saints I'd invite for dinner. I'm going to assume that the saints I invite will not be in the midst of fasting. Here are my guests:

1) St. Mary Magdalene-- I'd show off by making red-eggs, i.e. hard-boiled eggs saturated with sweet pickled beet juice, for the appetizers.

2) St. Lawrence of Rome, patron saint of chefs. I'd ask him to bless the meal, and then it would be delicious for sure.

3) St. Martha, who did all the cooking and cleaning while Mary of Bethany sat at Jesus' feet.

4) Amand of Maastricht, patron of beer-brewers and wine-makers (did I mention that this is a potluck?)

5) St. Therese of Liseux-- I know both Martha and she would help with the dishes afterward.


diana said...

What a great list! I wish I had thought of brewers!

Tony said...

You got me smiling! As a person who regularly shares meals with you, I hearily endorse your choices. I know there are lots of saints who produced bread for the hungry; do you know any who produced five course meals? Now THATS a miracle!

twinmommy said...

Love the thought you put into this list.

Timothy Carter said...

Well, I for one wouldn't invite ANY saints over to my place for a free meal. Bunch of glory-hogging bastards. What have they done for me lately?

Just kidding! I'm in a silly mood and thought I'd have some fun.

Tony, that is one awesome hat!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Twinmommy-- Thanks. I had invited St. Simon Stylites, but he refused to come down from his pole.;)

Timothy Carter-- That's why I invited saints who would not only appreciate dinner but would be willing to help clean up afterward. :)

Lone Star Ma said...

Lovely list. I would like the opportunity to spoil St. Martha a little.