Friday, August 31, 2007

Off to the Blog Prom

Hi all! I'm going to start my regular blog schedule tomorrow, as promised, but first, here's a Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast interview with Minh Le of Bottom Shelf Books I found while catching up on my blog reading. In answer to the "Which blog or site would you take to the prom to show off..." question, Minh replies, "I'm still new to the whole scene, so I'm still scoping things out. Though recently I stumbled upon Saints and Spinners (through a recent interview with 7 Impossible Things) and may be developing a bit of a crush.... her Children's Books that Never Were feature is really cool... add to that the fact that she posts guitar tabs AND has photoshop skills… talk about babe-a-licious!"

Minh, I accept. Saints and Spinners will go to the prom with Bottom Shelf Books. I've even picked out the dress and shoes. Huzzah! The only prom I've ever been to was the recent Stephenie Meyer booksigning in Seattle. The booksigning took place in a high school, and there was a "prom" for everyone who had to wait. I was #16 of hundreds, so I didn't have long to wait. Also, I wasn't wearing silver sandals, so it didn't count.

P.S. Jules of 7Imp just told me that Fuse#8 has our blogs smooching. Who-whee. I'm gone for a week, and look at all of the shenanigans that happen in my absence. By the way, Fuse's mother, the poet Susan Ramsey, hates storytellers... of a certain kind. What do you all think? While I too recoil at the kind of storytellers Ramsey describes in the poem, I realize that in some of the lines, one could easily substitute "poet" for "storyteller." You know what I mean, I think: there's a way some poets will end each line with a certain upward inflection, the proliferation of vests and long skirts, the... oh, I'm teasing now. But still, every profession has the groups of people who embody the craft's stereotype in one way or another. I think there's one key thing that both storytellers and poets can do to avoid the stereotypes and be true to their trades: get out of the way. Move aside the flourishes and affectations, and let the stories and poems stand up for themselves.

Now, I'm off to hunt down a fancy hat for my next gig.


jules said...

Did you see Fuse's post on it, where she has you two sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g? I'll try to find the URL later, but I'm in haste now. Funny!

Hope your trip was great.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Jules! That Fuse is some kind of mischief-maker, eh?

eisha said...

"Move aside the flourishes and affectations, and let the stories and poems stand up for themselves." Word to that, Akelda.

Minh Le said...

sweet! I'll see if i can borrow a suit from my dad like I did for my last prom!