Monday, July 02, 2007

Re: July Carnival of Children's Literature

Memo to those submitting entries for the July Carnival of Children's Literature: If I have access to your email address, I plan to send you a note acknowledging that I received your submission. If you don't receive the note after you submitted an entry, please let me know.


Lady K said...

I'm REALLY trying my hand at children's literature. I just can't stop using the "F" bomb. (i.e. "The monster coming out of the hole in the ceiling scared the F**k out of her, so she insisted in sleeping in her mom & dad's room.) It just doesn't seem appropriate. I've even tried some songs. *sigh* ;-) you know I jest... xoxoxoxoxo

Lady K said...

Really...I DO think this is cool.

Farida Dowler said...

Lady K: There's plenty of room in Young Adult literature for the F-bomb!