Friday, June 15, 2007

Poetry Friday: Snow White (2 poems)

Illustration by the late Trina Schart Hyman (Article linked especially for Cloudscome)

Snow White Turns 39, by Anne Sheldon (my grad school storytelling professor)

"I'm planning how to break a talking mirror..."

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, by Anne Sexton

"Beauty is a simple passion,
but, oh my friends, in the end
you will dance the fire dance in iron shoes."

Today's Poetry Friday roundup is at The Simple and the Ordinary. Here is a link to the history of Poetry Friday, written by Susan Thomsen of Chicken Spaghetti.


Lady K said...

I'll definitely check out those links! Snow White is one of my favorites. Have a wonderful weekend!

cloudscome said...

What a great article. Hyman says, "“The painting I’m working on now is an angel. But what I would like to do is spirits; I feel like women’s souls are being killed all the time, and I’d like to paint those souls. I have a lot to say about women’s suffering.”

I love that Lloyd Alexander book, The Fortune Tellers, where she did the illustrations set in Cameroon. I just read on a blog somewhere (after news of Alexander's death) that she painted him into the page sitting at a cafe table. It's the page where the carpenter first visits the fortune teller. Alexander is sitting by himself under the umbrella. Hyman's paintings are superb! Thanks for linking this article especially for me!

Kelly Fineman said...

I hadn't read the Sexton Snow White before -- although I love her Cinderella.

Schelle said...

Love the Sheldon poem :D and the painting!

Lone Star Ma said...


diana said...

I *love* the work of Trina Schart Hyman!

I had her book, Bow Wow Meow as child, but couldn't remember the name, just the picture of the child looking out the window at the moon, and a big tree with an owl, a lamb outside (couldn't help but be worried about the poor thing, alone outside by itself, and a cat in silhouette on the porch. Then I found the book by chance in an antique store. I just sat there and cried I was so thrilled.

I love her work right up there with Gordon Laite's beautiful illustrations.

jules said...

Wow, great post. Both poems are good, but Sheldon's is particularly amazing.