Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hootenanny with Johnny Bregar

Johnny Bregar performing at The Land of Nod

This afternoon, the House of Glee is attending a small concert by local musician Johnny Bregar. I meant to write reviews of Bregar's albums (and secretly hoping that Warren Truitt would do it first so that I could simply link to his reviews). Bregar has two albums out: Hootenanny and Stomp Yer Feet! The songs are a combination of folk, blues, and rockabilly. Links to song clips are here. The comparisons to Dan Zanes are inevitable. However, that's a good thing.

I'd like to propose an exchange-musician program by which we encourage local musicians to make it to other parts of the country. For example, New York needs Johnny Bregar and Seattle needs Elizabeth Mitchell. Fuse, I'm sure we could work something out. We'll need OPM (Other People's Money) though.


Lone Star Ma said...

Please send that pirate band to South Texas!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

LSM: I'll work on it!

We had a good time at the concert this afternoon. It was at someone's house as a part of a non-profit local concert series. There were cupcakes for everyone who came, which was a bonus.