Friday, June 22, 2007

Garden Statuary

I held off on the purchase of a St. Fiacre statue until I had some discretionary funds to purchase it. A month ago, I told stories for a group of librarians at an award ceremony, and used the cheque to order the garden statue of my choosing. It arrived today. My daughter and her friend had a great time stomping on the yards of bubble-wrap bundled around the statue.

Since I'm a fan of both saints and gardens, you can imagine how pleased I was to find a blog called St. Fiacre's Garden.


diana said...

I love the statue! and the garden!

Now I need to get one...I am shopping for just the right one to replace my crummy plaque/statue.
One was on craigslist Milwaukee---exactly the one I wanted--for *12 dollars*. Concrete too...40 minutes away from my house--one day up and already SOLD!!!!
Oh well. Maybe that beautiful statue is meant to make another garden more beautiful!

Lone Star Ma said...


cloudscome said...

How lovely! I had to link you on this one. What a charming corner of the garden.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Diana: Ouch! It's hard to see something like that just slip away. Well, you know that a Fiacre statue is on your wishlist. Maybe St. Fiacre himself can help out with that.:)

LSM & Cloudscome: Thanks! I got a few more plants (another rose and another lily) and now Fiacre looks really cozy among the foliage.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! You'll have to post a photo of it with your new plantings.