Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What Books am I Reading?

HipWriterMama tagged me with a pleasantly simple meme regarding the books I'm reading. Here goes:

1) City of Bells--Elizabeth Goudge, first in a trilogy--sequels are Sister of the Angels and The Blue Hills (USA) or Henrietta's House (UK). I like to reread Goudge's novels where children are important characters, even if they aren't the main characters. My mother owns copies of almost all of Goudge's novels. (Thanks, Mom!)

2) How to Get Suspended and Influence People--Adam Setzer (thanks for the recommendation, Kelly Fineman!)

3) The Big Book of Irony--Jon Winokur

I have plenty more books on my library shelf, but I haven't even opened them yet. If you can believe it, I've checked out An Abundance of Katherines twice from the library and didn't get past the first chapter. I was interested in the book, but I got distracted, and then I had to return it. After watched Brotherhood 2.0, though (thanks for the introduction, Fuse!), I'm looking forward to reading it when it comes my way again.

Now, I tag LoneStarMa, Goddess of Clarity, abcgirl, Yorkshire Pudding, and anyone else who wants to participate in the meme.


Lady K said...

I'm a science fiction and mystery girl. Right now I'm reading Stephen King's "Cell." It's a little slow and wordy, but true to his horrific, "out-there" thought process as of late. Hey, it gets me through the waiting rooms, and sure beats outdated issues of "People" magazine! tee hee!

HipWriterMama said...

Thanks for sharing your books!

Charlotte said...

I love City of Bells myself--I find Goudge's descriptions of places so soothingly beautiful.