Thursday, May 10, 2007

Birthday tears

Briefly happy before setting out for school

I wrote today's post about Lucia's birthday last night. Of course, today is much different from last night. Lucia has had a hard time at school ever since class picture day (the photographer was a bit odd, and the camera flashes were too much). Yesterday, she was so weepy that I had to pick her up early from school. Today, I was the parent helper for all of 90 minutes before I decided to take her home. She just wanted to be held and cuddled, and cried if I wasn't doing it. Up until now, clinginess is not characteristic of Lucia, so something is going on. She may want the coziness she had before she was born, she may feel wigged-out from the change in weather, or there may be something else going on that we just don't know.


In other news, I've done something constructive with the patch of dead lawn we accidentally smooshed last Autumn:

I'll visit blogs later today and comment on the posts. Right now, I'm just beat.

Update: the evening fared much better than the morning.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Three points:-
1) Impressive stuffed vine leaves.
2) Whose ashes are in that urn in the middle of your garden?
3) The reason why Lucia was upset is because you sent the poor little mite off to school with no shoes on her feet! See the photo! Now I know that America is quite a divided society with the rich in one half and the abject poor in the other so I will be happy to send you some shoes for the little lady. What size does she take? It must be extremely painful for her walking barefoot to school. Over here in England all children have shoes by the way. I guess our welfare system is more advanced.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

1) Thanks!
2) If vegetable matter that breaks down into compost can be interpreted as the "ashes" of plants that were once living, then this is your answer: lots and lots of flora.
3)Lucia likes to look at her toes. It's very hard to keep shoes on her feet. In all fairness, she does have the most beautiful feet anyone has ever seen.

Lone Star Ma said...

Actually, the LSB has the most beautiful feet anyone has ever seen. She has cloud feet. But never mind about that. (Your YP friend is quite right about our primitive welfare system, though.)

I'm sorry Lucia is having a rough week. i hope her birthday got.gets happier. She is a gorgeus, growing sunflower of a girl!

HipWriterMama said...

Oh, hang in there sweet Lucia! And tired mama too. Birthdays are fun, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by it all. I hope things settle down in a day or so.

If it doesn't, figure out when the clinginess happens, and investigate from there. Keep your chin up!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

HipWriterMama: Thanks! I think things will settle down. Tomorrow, there's going to be a marionette puppet-show at school-- Snow White and Rose Red. Lucia is looking forward to it. Since the puppet-show is in a Waldorf setting, I'm confident that the puppets won't have alarmingly scary faces.

LSM: Hmmm-- cloud feet or piano toes-- hard to figure out which is more beautiful. I'm glad we don't have to choose.:)