Sunday, December 24, 2006

Welcome to the Dollhouse (expansion)

The dollhouse mansion itself is a present from Lucia's grandma bestowed last summer. The big Christmas present for Lucia tomorrow is the addition of a floor (two rooms!) plus three staircases, courtesy of Lucia's great-aunt Brigit. Perhaps this is wish-fulfilment on all our parts, as the best term for the house of the House of Glee is "wee." Also, the House of Glee does not have internal stairs. When we want to access the basement, we have to go outside to do so. Most of the time, this arrangement suits us just fine. I'd rather go outside to the basement to do laundry than to have to drive or walk up the hill to the laundromat. We can store chemicals and pokey items in the basement without worrying that Lucia will get ahold of them. Still, there are times when we'd appreciate another room or two in the house, plus a flight of stairs. We'd talked about chopping a hole in the floor to set up a flight of stairs, but then we'd have to forgo our bathroom.

In lieu of a spacious house, Lucia gets to play with a roomy dollhouse. Bede set up the extra floor not too long ago, and I arranged for the little dollies to be festive. You'll notice Cleopatra and Princess Saffront hanging out with some of the children. Down on the first floor, Beethoven plays air piano:

While much of the fun seems innocuous enough, it looks as if Simon the Wizard has placed some sort of enchantment on Mr. Frumble:

Maybe Simon the Wizard made Marie the mermaid's bathtub disappear:

Who knows for sure? By tomorrow morning, Lucia will have new arrangements for her dollies.

(By the way, Playmobil, I don't want to sound tokenistic, but I do wish that the company would produce more dollies who aren't Caucasian. That's my one quibble with the company. Think about it, especially for your princess line.)

Ah, if only it were this easy to add an addition onto our bungalow.


Ruth said...

that dollhouse looks like too much fun. and don't they produce dolls with arab coloring? i thought i'd seen some with scimitars and turbans...

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Ruth: You're right, but they are few and far between. The Nativity set I have sequestered away for a future Christmas has one Wise Man with a turban and swarthy skin, but really, I'd just like to see more of a variety of skin-tones and features in general. The two dollies Lucia has that I think of as Indian (at least, their names are Surekha and Lakshmi) are Playmobil 1-2-3 figures.

Thanks for stopping by!