Friday, December 22, 2006

The Blogging Year in Review: a Meme

"We're space guys. We know what we are doing."
--Daniel Pinkwater, Guys from Space
Photo by Clara Todd

Cloudscome of A Wrung Sponge asked readers to participate in a blogger's "year in review" exercise by which we share the first sentence of the first post of each month in the past year. This practice reminds me of the way I kept track of the books I read during my Children's Literature classes: in addition to the bibliographic information and other notes on my index cards, I wrote down the first sentence of each book. I often didn't count prologues, just because the prologues often didn't have snappy first sentences. Some people say that the author should encompass the entire theme of the book in that one first sentence. My college poetry professor said that the last line of each poem we wrote should do the same. I'll give a little leeway for other people's writings, but in my own stories, I attempt to the first sentence to contain the mood of the story. Let's see how I did with my blog-posts. I included a second sentence when the first sentence was a generic greeting.

January: Update glasses prescription. [Context: New Year's resolutions for fairy-tale characters. This resolution was for Red Riding Hood.]

February: I have lots of notes and background material for stories.

March: I have not forgotten about the

April: Bede's Mom had a procedure done yesterday to drain the gall bladder.

May: Many little girls in my part of the world have a fascination with princesses.

June: Greetings! The House of Glee is in New York City for a few days.

July: "Which book are you?" personality quiz. [Watership Down]

August: It is said that if you could randomly teleport to any part of the universe, then 99 % of the time you would find yourself in empty space, devoid of stars.

September: I've started a blog for my storytelling gigs to have in place for the time when I am ready to be more than semi-professional.

October: Lucia's preschool teacher eats a raw foods diet and offers fresh fruits and vegetables to the children during snacktime. [This sentence is actually the 2nd post of the month. The first post was the poem "Ars Poetica" by Archbald MacLeish.]

November: Happy All Saints' Day! Celebrate the day with saints action figures.

December: Seattle schools closed last Tuesday and Wednesday because of the icy conditions after the snowfall, and I spent both days inside the house with Lucia.

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