Friday, November 17, 2006

Dear Diary, Preserve Me From the Trials of Tulle

For more scary pink tulle, click here.

Wednesday, whenever I had a free moment (and plenty of instances when I didn't), I worked on sewing a tutu for Lucia. If I had been satisfied with my results, I would have planned to make another tutu for Lucia's class auction project. Collectively, we're compiling a dress-up chest. I know that one can easily buy a tutu ready-made, but the nice ones are pricey. It's not because the material is expensive ($2 a yard) but because cutting tulle is akin to snipping air. Once the layers come together for gathering (another feat), the waistline gets bulky. I had to stitch most of the project by hand, and pricked my fingers constantly. There is blood on the waistband, but it's covered by a layer of silvery sequins. Lucia is pleased enough with the results, but I begged Bede not to let Lucia wear the tutu out of the house. "I will be mortified," I said. I was only 1/2 exaggerating.

Other sewing projects include:
-storytelling trousers in a black/pink harlequin diamond pattern
-flannel dress for the auction
-pajama bottoms for Bede
-purple rayon shirt for me (because I've given up finding a long-sleeved violet-purple shirt to my specifications)
-other possible dress-up clothes for the auction chest

Yesterday, Lucia did not have school, so I spent the whole day with her. We went for a walk in the newly-sunny weather, and afterward read "Nutcracker" and "Sleeping Beauty" from The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories. One reviewer complained about "too much gossamer" in the text, but Lucia, ever the clothes-horse, wanted more gossamer. In one week, Lucia and her family will attend the Pacific Northwest Ballet production of "Nutcracker." She is excited to attend her first ballet, but we shall see how long she lasts through the actual production. "Nutcracker" isn't my favorite ballet, but Maurice Sendak's sets and costumes make repeat visits worthwhile.


Nonny said...

I haven't been to the ballet in years and years. I don't think I could talk the three men in my life into going either. The last production of anything I saw on stage was "Blues Clues Live".

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Nonny: If you ever do get to drag your guysto a ballet, Nutcracker is definitely NOT the one you want to take them too. I'd recommend taking your husband to "Carmina Burana" done as a ballet-- it's way hot.