Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Vinyl Record

Today, I found this extremely rare vinyl 78 record. The song speaks to a matter that has long been the subject of debate: why do catalogers insist upon placing Hans Christian Andersen's literary fairy tales in the folklore section instead of in fiction? This power ballad will have you shaking with tears of outrage.

For more records of this ilk, check out the Vinyl Record Generator.


Nonny said...

I still have all my vinyl records. Though none are what would be considered "rare". I do have an original Donna Summer "Bad Girls" and a Billy Joel "Glass Houses" are those rare ;)

limpy99 said...

My new fondest wish is that someone sings this song on "American idol"

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Nonny: That's cool that you still have all your vinyl records. I'm sure my collection is somewhere on the East Coast. There's nothing in the collection that is truly considered "rare" except for things I thought at the time were rare: the 12" single of Joan Jett's "Cherry Bomb" pressed in red vinyl, for example, or Jefferson Airplane's 45 of "White Rabbit" in white vinyl (both promo copies). Can someone tell me why Led Zeppelin's fourth album would have been pressed in lavender vinyl? I didn't buy it (it cost 40 dollars, for heaven's sake), but I remember it.

Limpy99: I'll compose the lyrics if you sing the song!

Melangell said...

To my direct knowledge, the Hans Christian Andersen literary tales are catalogued as fiction at the small but highly respected Takoma Park Maryland Library. I was SO IMPRESSED by the children's librarian cataloguing vision.