Thursday, September 14, 2006

Verify my post (to the beat of "Justify My Love")

Hey guys, I got five spam messages yesterday through my blog. That's three more than the ones from the day befored. If I am going to keep word verifier off, then make it worth my while, Spinners!

Actually, I take that back. Some of you, being the smarty-pants that you are, will bombard me with one word comments and laugh maniacally at my dismay. O, cruel, cruel Spinners.

Tell me the name of your favorite fairy tale, plus something about the fairy tale that grabs you. Maybe we can get into a knock-down fight over the merits of "Hans my Hedgehog" versus "The Seven Ravens," and hotly contest who's more wicked: Snow-White's stepmother or Bluebeard.

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Lone Star Ma said...

I don't know. I love faerie tales even though there is obviously a whole lot that I disapprove of in them. I'm very pedestrian, though - I have not your wealth of knowledge about them. Offhand, I really like Rapunzel. I like selkie stories. Beauty and the Beast. It's all pretty mixed up for me.

I disliked those books that your well-written poem was in because although I really liked reading them in a way, I thought they were really on the edge of morality the way they encouraged people to deliciously enjoy the demise of the characters - sort of the problem I have with Stephen King and such, although I enjoyed his stories, too, before I started feeling that way.