Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This blog may be quiet for the next few days. I start guitar lessons again this week, Lucia starts preschool next week, and I want to do some research into what it would take to launch Mitzi. I'm not yet confident enough that I can use the guitar in storytimes, but I'm going to do it anyway when I go to my next library gig. I'll be doing both toddler and preschool storytimes at the end of the month. Right now, I'm just taking enough substutute hours to remind people that I still exist, but I've avoided accepting work at the grown-up information desks (with the exception of one beloved library branch with a large international community, and you know who you are). If the work doesn't involve interacting with children on a regular basis, I'm just not interested.

Speaking of children, my own offspring is jealous of the guitar. It used to be that when I practised chords, Lucia would climb up on the couch behind me and hang on my neck, often slinging a leg over my shoulder in the process. She would examine the mole on my neck and say with incredulousness, "It does't hurt!" I had a lot of weight on my shoulders while I practiced, but at least I could still play. Now, Lucia mutes the strings, attempts to push away the guitar, and wails, "Hold you! Hold you like a baby!"

Yes, preschool is starting next week.


Nonny said...

Ok, that story about Lucia is precious. I can totally see her doing that.

I'm excited about your guitar lessons, but I'm gonna miss you if you don't post alot :(

My mom and sister are gonna be in Seattle from 9/7-9/10 visiting my cousin. I know you don't know them, just thought I'd mention it. I really wish they would have said something to me about going. Not that I could have afforded it, but I still would have tried.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Hey, Nonny! I would like to meet you someday. So does Brad.:)

I'm hoping that, as preschool gets underway, I'll find some space in my head for drive and ambition again. You know, I officially quit my full time job in order to substitute so I could write on a more full-time basis. Unofficially, I had other issues. I admire my colleagues who have made their careers in librarianship and have contributed to the Greater Good in so many ways (note to my colleagues: yes, you have). Sometimes, I'm a little wistful. Most of the time, I prefer working with children on my own terms. There's a price for that, financially and professionally. I haven't proven anything to my (as of yet unsuspecting) adoring public.

Oh, whatever! I just want to tell stories, have people enjoy the stories, and get paid enough to put "storyteller" instead of "homemaker" on my tax forms. I want to write books, and I want my whole life to write them if I choose.

Lady K said...

Storytime makes me wish I was a toddler again!

That story about Lucia IS precious and made me giggle. Although I can play my guitar in peace, I'm a little jealous that you can't, if that makes sense.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lady K: Yes, it does make sense. Thanks. I'll be happy to do puppet-shows for you, even though you're not a toddler. I'll work on one for you over the next few weeks.:)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Please - practiSed when verb, practiCe when noun. Naughty Alkelda! Come to my study for spanking as soon as you have throttled Lucia for disturbing your guitar time!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Aiee! Six shades of shame!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, you turned your word verification off. Now I get to spam you all I want.

Lone Star Ma said...

No. It is not practised in the States - no shame. We spell words our own way here!