Friday, September 15, 2006

ALA Midwinter Conference 2007

Ever since I left New York, I have been looking forward to the 2007 American Library Association Midwinter Conference. I was never much of a conference goer in general, and the last time I went to ALA was in my last semester of library school. In January 2007, the conference will be in Seattle, Washington. I won't have to travel anywhere further than a short bus or car ride Downtown. I'm hoping to see friends and colleagues with whom I've lost touch, as well as fellow bloggers who happen to be traveling librarian types. I'm not an ALA member, but I'm planning on registering early. I've not decided for sure yet, but since I am currently unafilliated with a library system (yeah, I substitute, but I'm not considered a staff member), I may have "Saints and Spinners" on my badge.

[Note to potential stalkers reading this post: Back off. Now. And forever.]

The rest of you have an open invitation to hang out, eat cupcakes and gush about Stephen Colbert. Whatever else floats your boat in our drizzly little city is fine, too.

I'll bet you didn't know I had my own celebrity READ poster. Then again, neither does ALA!


Nonny said...

Your poster is da bomb!

My site is down right now-very frustrated.

Lady K said...

That really is a cool poster! Have fun at that conference, it sounds like a blast!

Lone Star Ma said...

What's the book?

Have a great conference!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

The book is The Hounds of the Morrigan, by Pat O'Shea.