Monday, July 10, 2006

Trousers and a Book

I've learned that I must never cut fabric on a day in which it is too hot for me to think properly. The first time I tried to make these trousers, it was upwards of 90 degrees Fahreneheit when I cut the fabric as if it were "without nap." The basic way to remember what the difference between "with nap" and "without nap" is this:

with nap-- the fabric has a definite "right side up"
without nap-- the fabric looks the same no matter which way you turn it

What it meant for me was that, after my first attempt to make the cropped-trousers, 1/2 of the pant-legs depicted upside-down sushi. O the embarrassment. Fortunately, I salvaged the fabric to make a pair of toddler trousers for the school auction in the fall. This was how the Book and Trousers combination evolved. (This is a working title-- please let me know if you think of a catchier title.) I shall pair the toddler sushi-print trousers with Amy Wilson Sanger's board book, First Book of Sushi.

When I was at the bookstore the other day, the clerks tried to help me brainstorm other ideas for books and trousers combinations. Unfortunately, they were stuck in the rut of coming up with books about clothes, i.e. Sam and the Tigers, and Ella Sarah Gets Dressed. They are good books, but they're not what I have in mind. Since then, I have found some green-and-white striped fabric with which I will use to pair with a Maisy book (and yes, I'm making a pair in my size, too). Truly, though, I'd like to think outside the box. I may have to see fabric first in which to get inspired to match a children's book, but if you have some ideas for me, I'm all ears. Thanks!

P.S. For those of you who are interested, the fabric I used for the trousers is from Robert Kaufman's "Chopsticks, Please" collection. I suspect the fabric is out of print (yes, fabrics go out of print as quickly as books), but a preliminary keyword search reveals that there is still some available yardage through online fabric stores.


Lone Star Ma said...

Mouse trousers with a Kevin Henkes book (or maybe yellow ones with the one about the yellow blanket...was it yellow? Purple with Lily?)

Umbrella trousers with...The Umbrella? I think that's the title, an old Caldecott winner

Eiffel Tower trousers with Madeline

Barnyard animal trousers with Barnyard Dance

Rainbow or rainbow tie-dye trousers with a book about colors

geometric shapes trousers with a book about shapes

Bunny trousers for Max and Ruby or for Beatrix Potter books

Pumpkin trousers for Alice and Greta

What fun this is!

Nonny said...

Could you be any cuter? Could Lone Star Ma have anymore ideas? This is a really sweet idea. One I'm sure Lucia will really love too. I'll have to think about the books. I don't remember many children's books from my youth. I feel like "Super Fudge" and "Blubber" where the first books I ever read.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Thanks, Lone Star Ma! I knew you'd come through.

Nonny: As is often the case with us mothers of young children, it's easier to recognize the books than actually to recall them.

goddess of clarity said...

I have trouble remembering children's books too, but I have to imagine that good old Dr. Suess would be a rich source of material (get it? material? sorry.)

Green trousers for Green Eggs and Ham

Grey elephant trousers for Horton Hears a Hoo

And tree trousers for The Lorax (who "lifted himself by the seat of his pants!)

Fridaysweb said...

Well, personally, I adore the pants. I always think it's fun to stir things up a bit...but, no one ever said I was normal, either. The only children's book I can even think of (besides Nonny's suggestions - which are more towards the 8-10 year old range) is The Pokey Little Puppy. That was my favorite book as a child and I believe I kept it until my mom lost it in the dredges of the attic sometime when I was a preenie trying to act cool enough to part with my favorite childhood memories. I wish I had that book back, now! I do love that book, though. Imagine how adorable that book, paired with spotted pants would be. Oh, my! And you could add back flap pockets that look like puppy ears. Just a thought. This sounds like a fantastic project!

abcgirl said...

sushi crop pants? love it! as for a name for you dual offering... how about wear-a-book? or trouser tales? or shorts stories? or pages and pants? i do like me some alliteration...

red and white striped pants would go great with cat in the hat books. or books about the circus. (like Where's Pup? or If i Ran the Circus) or polka dotted pants would go well with Dog's Colorful Day.

what fun!

Lady K said...

You are just so darn cute, and Lucia, too! And creative to boot! I can't sew to save my life, except for perhaps a ripped seam or a fallen button.

Lady K said...

You are just so darn cute, and Lucia, too! And creative to boot! I can't sew to save my life, except for perhaps a ripped seam or a fallen button.