Saturday, July 15, 2006

rough and tumble

It's been a long week. I'm sorry I have not been answering comments. It's been rough with Lucia. Yes, my best girl, my dear, sweet (and highly-spiced) child, has been running me through my paces. We both had a meltdown yesterday. The day started pleasantly enough at the library where I used to work. We saw a rock and roll pirate show called Captain Bogg and Salty. Lucia was a bit ambivalent about the boistrousness of the show, but rallied enough to raise a hooked finger toward the end. She wanted to stay for Lunchtime Stories afterward. Why not, I thought. She drank her milk and ate her salty snacks while we listened to stories. (Some of the children in the audience used to be in my young toddler programs. Wow, they got big.)

Leaving the library was the problem. After attempts at persuasion and negotation, I carried 38 pounds of kicking, bellowing toddler out of the library. I struggled to get her into the car-seat, but she thrashed so much we were both in a sweat after 5 minutes. She would not keep the car-seat straps on. The last time this happened, we pulled over and said we couldn't go until she was strapped in again. The last time, though, Bede was with me, and I could sit in the back seat to hold her hands down while he drove home. This time, I was on my own. I drove 10 miles and prayed fervently that we would make it home safely. She screamed the whole way.

I was exhausted for the rest of the afternoon. Bede was able to come home and take over for awhile, bless him. Bedtime was hard, but Lucia did give me a big hug before I read her stories. Today was better. Somewhat difficult, but still better. We went to the Day Out With Thomas (TM) festival, even though we're not Thomas the Tank Engine fans, because Nancy Stewart was playing. (Brad the Gorilla said that his band, The Deadbeat Crawdads, were supposed to open for her, but later he grumbled something about getting kicked out for popping 2 crates' worth of Thomas (TM) balloons.) We got to ride on an old train through Snoqualmie, which was lovely, despite the incessant Thomas (TM) soundtrack.

Nancy Stewart in concert

This evening, I practiced guitar for 90 minutes before my developing callouses started to hurt. It was a good session. I practiced "Greensleeves," "Shady Grove" and "Cockles and Muscles". There's a tricky chord change in "Cockles and Muscles" involving D minor. I must say, I don't quite have it yet. Still, concentrating on the guitar lifted my spirits considerably. When I ended my practice, I felt better than I had in days.

Lucia went down to bed early. Bede and I watched a couple of episodes of the first season of Buffy. It was a good night. Tomorrow will be better. Mazel tov.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Well done for avoiding the temptation to throttle Lucia! Sometimes small kids are like killer sharks. You just can't argue with them - "Hey, let's be reasonable about this." Sometimes you have to beat them with the unexpected - a song, a fantasy story, a promise, bribery... stifling the angry beast that has come to the surface.

Lone Star Ma said...

Sorry about the rough patch. It's a hard job.

cloudscome said...

I have days like that too. What is it with those little people? How can they be so needy and so strong at the same time?

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Thanks, all! Bede and I went on a much-needed date tonight, which was refreshing.