Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Huzzah for Book-A-Minute! Now I don't have to read Asimov's Foundation series (or anything by Robert Jordan) to find out what happened.

Thanks to Fuse Number 8 for the link. Here are my own 15-second contributions:

The Old Kingdom/Abhorsen trilogy, by Garth Nix

1) Sabriel

Stay dead. I mean it, stay dead. Now, you've done it. I'm going to make you stay dead. (Rings bells.)

2) Lirael

I am the only one in my community who is not a clairvoyant. I have no purpose. Wait, I'll become a librarian! And get a dog. Now, I'm going on a boat ride. Oh, who's this?

Sam: I am the son of Sabriel. The Dead refuse to stay dead. Help! By the way, you're cute, wanna date?

Lirael: No thanks. Let's go find your mother and make the Dead stay dead.

3) Abhorsen

Lirael and Sabriel: Stay dead, Dead!

Dead: Okay... at least for now.

Add your own.


Nonny said...

I can't add my own, I'm laughing too hard. Your so twisted sometimes, that's why I love you.

galetea said...

Those pesky dead!

I read The Old Kingdom trilogy once a year. My favorite series of books to come along in a VERY long time.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Nonny: Right back atcha, kiddo!;)

Galetea: It's about time for me to reread the books this year. Can you believe I have the Over the Wall book on my shelf and still haven't gotten past the first few pages? That's the problem with my owning books... there's not the pressure to read them immediately that there is for library books.

Lady K said...

You crack me up! Brilliant! Now I don't have to read them. Actually, it made me want to read them more. Should I spend the time/money?

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lady K Yes and yes! Or rather, yes, and if you can, get them from the library. They are all out in paperback now. I often see them in used-bookstores. I don't know what the availability is in your sector, but the library would definitely be the way to go, if possible. Tim Curry also narrates them as books on tape/cd, and while I've not listened to them myself, I can only imagine what a great pairing Curry's voice is with Nix's writing.